Webinar Series
The Five Phases as a Model for Wholeness


This series of six webinars takes you step-by-step on an inner journey to reclaim your wholeness. Based on the Taoist tradition of the Five Phases, the course is designed to give you a direct experience of the elemental energies within the body, psyche, and nature.

Mary discusses the underlying principle, core issue, and challenge of each phase and the wisdom available to you when these are brought into the light of consciousness. She uses verbal probes to elicit unconscious core beliefs so you may experience how they influence your capacity for change and healing. The physical and psychological issues typical of imbalance are also included. You will become familiar with simple yet effective coaching and somatic therapy techniques to immediately apply in your life at home and at work.

The Webinar Series with Mary Saunders

A webinar course consisting of six classes
Available now on YouTube.
Length: 8.5 hours